Raksha Bandhan Festival in India: Happy Raksha Bandhan [ 2018 ]

Raksha Bandhan is one of the popular festivals of India. It is celebrated in the month of August every year in most parts of India. It is a festival of love and bonding between a sister and a brother. This festival portrays the special relation of a brother with her sister and how they both care for each other. Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated every year on the last day of Hindu lunar calendar month of Shraavana. The word Raksha Bandhan has originated from Sanskrit, which means a connection or bonding of protection. It marks the bonding between a brother and sister.

On the Day of Raksha Bandhan, a girl ties colorful knots on her brother’s hand. This colourful knot is commonly known as Rakhi in India. After she ties knot to his brother’s hand his brother gives him a gift or money. The gift is really precious for the girl. The girls also bring their brother’s favourite sweets. It may be a box of chocolates, rasgullas, Kaju katli or something else. Brothers the enjoy these sweets brought by his sister.

Rakhi Festival

Raksha Bandhan Date in 2018: 26 August 2018


If a girl gets married and shifts to her new house, she visits his brother’s  house that day. She carries Rakhi and sweets or any other favourite dishes for his brother. She ties the Rakhi thread on his hand and wish for his long life and prosperity. There are a lot of new model and designs available for the Rakhi. You can easily find cartoon Rakhis, hi-tech rakhis and other types of handmade rakhis. Children are always excited to see what type of Rakhi has their sisters brought for them.

Raksha Bandhan
Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018

Stories behind the Raksha Bandhan Festival

There are a lot of stories behind the Raksha Bandhan in Hindu mythology. Let us talk about some of them:–

Indra Dev:

Indra who was the deity of sky, rains and thunderbolts was once humiliated by a demon king named Bali who was believed to be very powerful. Then Indra’s wife Sachi went to LordVishnu for help. Vishnu ji gave him a magical thread which had his blessings. She tied this thread on Indra’s hand and prayed for him. Indra Dev then easily defeated Bali and got Amravati back from Bali.

Demon King Bali and Vishnu

It is also believed that when Vishnuji won 3 worlds from Bali, Bali asked Vishnu ji to stay with him at his palace. He was a demon king and Goddess Lakshmi did not like this thing. So, to free Vishnu ji from Bali she tied a knot on Bali’s wrsit and Bali asked what was her wish to which lakshmi ji asked him to free Lord Vishnu. Bali agreed and accepted Lakshmi ji as his sister.


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