1st to 7th March: International Yoga Festival Day in India

International Yoga Festival (IYF 2018)

What is Yoga    Yoga means union, the union of the breath with the body. Yoga means the union of the Self with the Divin Power. Yoga is not limited just to body, it is the best way to heal all our body, minds and soul. Yoga has its own science and the art of Yoga must be learned under the guidance of a Guru or yoga Expert. You need a person who will guide you how to perform the Yogasanas and whether you are performing them correctly or not.

International Yoga Festival  2018 Day and Date: 1st to 7th March, 2018

International Yoga Festival Venue:  Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh, Yoga Capital of World

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International Yoga Festival: Wiki | Parmarth Niketan

International Yoga Festival is celebrated every year in the month of March. This year the International Yoga Festival Day is being celebrated from 1st to 7th of March. The venue for International Yoga Festival is Parmarth Niketan which is in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Rishikesh is popular as the Yoga Capital of World and yoga practitioners, yoga learners and students of Yoga from around the globe gather at this place to unite with the Divine through the mode of Yoga. Yoga is much more than asanas. The event of International Yoga Festival is organized in association with AYUSH, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board.  Yoga lovers of various creed and places from around the globe gather over here to enjoy Yoga. Rishikesh is a gift of nature and is the perfect place for Yoga.


Motto of International Yoga Festival

International Yoga Festival Day
img source: yoga Journal

International Yoga Festival Day

The motto of the International Yoga festival is to create overall wellness of bodies and minds, the purity of soul and to teach people how to unite with the divine. Yoga experts, masters and wellness experts from around the world come here and teach the art of Asanas and Pranayamas. If you are a new learner or already learning yoga, this festival is for you as you will get to meet thinkers, spiritual gurus from various parts of the world. The complete day is divided into various forms of Yoga and it is a one-week event. You can enjoy nice accommodation there and healthy food too. If you want to be a part of the International Yoga Festival you can register on the official website of IYF

“Come Home to the Himalayas…. Awaken, Connect, Discover a New You : IYF “

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